Rovaniemi has been given the honour of arranging the IX Winter Swimming World Championships on 20–23 March 2014. Finland has long traditions organising winter swimming competitions.  The Winter Swimming Finnish Championships are held annually, with its competitors convening a few times a year to compete in events arranged by clubs and localities.

The first Winter Swimming World Championships were arranged in Helsinki in 2000, with the Winter Swimming World Championships also being held in Oulu in 2006.

The previous Winter Swimming World Championships were arranged in Jūrmala, Latvia in February 2012, which was when Rovaniemi was announced as the next competition town. 

Below are pictures showing some of the competition atmosphere at Jūrmala in 2012. 

Official Organizers of the 2014 Winter Swimming World Championships: 

International Winter Swimming Association
Ounasvaaran Latu ry
City of Rovaniemi


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